Young People Using Vaporizer Pens For Shisha

Vaporizer Pen

Shisha has been a part of Muslim culture in some form or another for centuries. Some records show the use of shisha dating back as far as the 14th century. All this time, the tradition has remained more or less the same, with the molasses based tobacco mixture being smoked out of a water pipe, or hookah. However, some reports are starting to indicate that this trend might be changing.

In parts of the Muslim world, young people are supposedly starting to smoke shisha out of electronic vaporizer pens. These portable vaporizer pens use a rechargeable battery to heat up an element which vaporizes the active ingredients in the material without actually combusting the material. This results in a smoother, healthier method of inhaling the active ingredients.

These vaporizer pens have recently become very popular for the use of liquids and other dry herbs, but up until this point, the use of shisha was not reported.

The main advantages of using a vaporizer pen over a hookah, is the obvious health benefits gained by not combusting the material, as well as the portability that is offered by these small, light weight electronic pens.

Legislation is slow to catch up to the rise of these units, as they have become so popular so quickly that law makers are having a hard time keeping up. For the moment, you are allowed to use vaporizer pens anywhere, since there is no legislation that governs the use of them.

With every advancement comes the moving away from tradition. It will be interesting to see if the use of shisha in electronic vaporizer pens is a fad or a permanent move towards mobility and convenience.


What Are Halal Foods?


There has been a lot of confusion as to what constitutes a halal food or drink and what doesn’t. The main non-halal food as most people know is pork, due to hygienic reasons. The method of preparation also has a lot to do with whether a food is considered to be halal or not. When consuming meat, the blood must be drained from the animal, and the killing must be performed by a Muslim.

Some Examples Of Halal Foods

There are many examples of halal foods, but we will cover a few that some people might be unsure about:

  • Wild bore: wild bore meat is closely related to pork, but it is considered halal food due to the hygiene of the animal. According to the Qu’ran, pork is the only meat that is always considered to be not halal, and all other forms of meat are dependent on the killing of the animal.
  • Meal replacement shakes: meal replacement shakes, or weight loss shakes are made of plant-based protein and plant fiber. They are designed to supplement a balanced diet or part of a weight loss regimen.
  • Soy based products: soy is used a meat replacement food that is high in protein and other nutrients. When cooked a certain way the texture can be similar to pork, so this is a good halal substitute to eating pork itself.

These are just a few examples of foods that are considered to be halal. This line is usually fairly cut and dry but there are certain circumstances that could be in a grey area.


4 Most Popular Health Foods For Muslims


In our previous article we talked about whether or not the Muslim community is become Westernized. One part of this trend is the influx of western products to Muslim marketplaces. Here we will explore five of the most popular health foods that are becoming more and more popular.

3. Biotin

Biotin aids in the formation of blood sugar and helps prevent hair loss, brittle nails and skin problems. Biotin deficiencies are rare but biotin supplements are becoming more and more popular in Muslim communities.

2. B Vitamins

B vitamins help convert food into fuel. A deficiency in B complex vitamins will cause a wide range of negative side effects, which makes it all the more important to make sure levels are high through food intake or supplements.

1. Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide has been dubbed the “miracle molecule”, as its health benefits are varied. It helps from everything to heart and brain health to sex drive. There are many foods that contain nitric oxide, but if you are looking to boost levels there are nitric oxide supplements like Nitrocut which are used as exercise supplements when working out.

These are only three of a high number of health foods that are finding there way into Muslim communities around the world.


Is Muslim Culture Becoming Westernized?

Over the past decade we have seen some massive changes to Muslim culture. More and more we are seeing western influences in the Muslim world. As the world we live in becomes more and more globalized, this seems like an unavoidable scenario. Here we will list the top ways that Muslim culture is becoming westernized.

1. Food

American fast food chains now span the entire globe. McDonalds restaurants can be nearly anywhere on the planet, and the Muslim world is no exception.

2. Film

Again, the American juggernaut that is Hollywood is so far reaching these days, that it is almost inescapable. Funnily enough, often in these movies, Muslim culture is even demonized.

3. Skin Lightening Treatment

One of the fastest growing beauty industries in the world is that of skin lightening cream. Skin lightening products like Meladerm are huge sellers in the Muslim world as people try to lighten their overall skin tone or to improve their complexion with this topical skin cream.

4. Music

Much like the influence of Hollywood, the western music industry is far reaching. American hip hop and rap music is especially popular with the Muslim youth of today.
These are only a few of the ways in which Muslim culture is being heavily influenced by western culture. It is very important that Muslim culture remains steadfast in preserving its culture.